Chandigarh District Commission finds Nykaa accountable for not delivering the product and delaying the refund process.

The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission-I, U.T. Chandigarh, with Pawanjit Singh as President and Surjeet Kaur as Member, has found Nykaa responsible for service deficiency due to its failure to deliver a purchased product and delayed refund issuance.

Key Details

The complainant was attracted by attractive offers on the Nykaa app and placed an order generating an invoice amounting to Rs. 2823.24/-. Payment was made through an online transaction. Subsequently, the complainant contacted Nykaa’s help center to inquire about the order status. Nykaa assured urgent attention to the matter and advised monitoring via the mobile app. However, no updates were provided, and the order status remained stagnant with no delivery. Despite a delayed response, Nykaa eventually processed a refund. The complainant argued that Nykaa’s delayed resolution constituted a deficiency in service. Consequently, feeling aggrieved, the complainant filed a consumer complaint with the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission-I, U.T. Chandigarh (“District Commission”) against Nykaa.

Nykaa responded by stating that it had credited a full refund of Rs. 2824.21/- to the Complainant’s bank account, asserting that since the refund had been executed, there was no basis for legal action against them. Nykaa further argued that it operated as an intermediary and should not be held accountable for any lapses in service.

Observations made by the District Commission revealed that despite almost a month passing, Nykaa failed to deliver the ordered products or refund the payment. It was only after the Complainant issued a legal notice that Nykaa eventually processed the refund.

The District Commission determined that Nykaa neglected to update the status of the Complainant’s order or fulfill the delivery within the expected timeframe of about a month. The bench concluded that Nykaa unjustly retained the Complainant’s funds, and the refund was solely initiated after the Complainant resorted to legal representation, prompting a legal notice. Consequently, the District Commission found Nykaa accountable for service deficiencies.


As a result, the District Commission ordered Nykaa to compensate the Complainant with Rs. 4000/- for the mental distress, inconvenience, and legal costs she endured.

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