About The Founder

About The Founder

Adv. Sulaiman Bhimani

Adv. Sulaiman Bhimani is a distinguished legal professional known for his expertise and commitment to justice. With a wealth of experience in various facets of law, Adv. Bhimani has built a reputation for providing exceptional legal representation and advice. His dedication to his clients and unwavering pursuit of justice have earned him respect in the legal community and beyond.

Adv. Bhimani has had the privilege of representing numerous high-profile clients, including celebrities such as Nasusheen Ali Sardar, Kiku Sharda, Vrajesh Hirjee, and Ali Asgar. His ability to handle complex legal matters with discretion and professionalism has made him a trusted advisor to many in the public eye.

Whether advocating for clients in court or providing sound legal counsel, Adv. Bhimani’s meticulous approach and comprehensive understanding of the law ensure that his clients receive the best possible representation. His commitment to excellence and his client-centered approach make him a standout in the legal field.

As the founder of “The Law Suits,” a prestigious law firm in Mumbai, Sulaiman Bhimani is renowned for representing clients in a wide array of cases. His expertise shines in addressing Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) issues, including intricate matters such as possession dates and the revocation of gift deeds for senior citizens. His profound knowledge has elevated him to the status of a highly sought-after attorney in the vibrant city of Mumbai.

Bhimani is deeply committed to promoting the effective use of the Right to Information Act (RTI). He conducts impactful seminars and workshops, equipping individuals with the tools to access vital information while championing transparency and accountability, with a specific focus on RERA-related concerns.

Sulaiman Bhimani is a recognized and prominent voice in the media landscape. He has been featured on numerous news programs, including well-known platforms such as Moneylife, TV9, Lemon TV, Aaj Tak, and Times Now. His appearances are marked by insightful discussions on legal and social issues that captivate audiences. In addition to his television appearances, his articles are widely published in leading newspapers such as Mumbai Mirror, Mid-day, Hindustan Times, DNA, Free Press, and Saamana.

Bhimani maintains a vibrant online presence through platforms like Aam Janata Blog and wakeupindia-designer.blogspot.in. Furthermore, he curates two engaging YouTube channels – “Citizens Justice Forum” and “Green Wallet.” The former is a treasure trove of valuable insights and updates on legal matters, while the latter provides expert insights into stock market analysis and hosts webinars on diverse topics and issues.

Serving as the president of the NGO “Citizens Justice Forum,” Bhimani’s dedication is channeled into addressing legal and social concerns, advocating vigorously for justice, and providing unwavering support to the community.

His professional journey includes association with ZITA SOLICIS ADVISORY PRIVATE LIMITED, Zurich Media and a significant role as an associate partner in Solicis Lex Law Firm, showcasing his diverse legal experience.

Beyond his legal and activist endeavors, Sulaiman Bhimani is a proponent of personal and professional development. He organizes enlightening workshops on various subjects, encompassing stress management, time management, and goal setting. His collaboration with Dr. Bharath Chandra in conducting training workshops underscores his commitment to knowledge-sharing and empowerment.

In summary, Sulaiman Bhimani’s multifaceted involvement in law, activism, and community leadership underscores his unwavering dedication to social causes, transparency, and the well-being of individuals and communities in Mumbai and beyond. His contributions in the legal arena, RTI advocacy, and educational initiatives through seminars and workshops have undoubtedly left a positive impact on numerous lives. Sulaiman Bhimani’s dynamic and diverse portfolio is a testament to his mission of fostering a better society.

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